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Well, here I am… most definitely an “emotional wreck”.

To those who will read this, who have read my writing on a previous blog, “Thank You” for following me to my new home and to those who are here for the first time, “Welcome”.

I spent nearly two and a half years writing about my daily life, my childhood, my adult life, my disability, my political and religious philosophies, sharing my creative writing, recipes, photographs, struggles – both emotional and physical, relationships with my family and friends, how all these things affected my physical health and mental well-being, on what I considered my personal journal. I tried to frame every blog in such a way as to approach the topics in an introspective way, i.e., what I was thinking, what I was feeling, whether I was overreacting, was I causing my own stress, was I giving my power away to others, was I learning anything from my experiences and sometimes I just simply reported on life.

Recently, several people, whom my blogs were not intended for,  actively sought out my blog, (looking for what, I’m not sure and will probably never fully understand), and not only read a series of my blogs, but printed them out and shared them with others. I had written about how I felt as a result of being ignored, dismissed, after having been called into action to help support these same folks, only to be discarded from that ‘circle’ once their needs were met. I had written about my feelings rather than confronting anyone with the pain I had been feeling, to keep the peace, but found myself feeling as though I had been violated.

It was demanded that I justify writing on my personal blog/that I stop writing about family situations on the internet, even though my own identity and the identity of my family members was never revealed.

Though I made a number of very supportive friends through that blog, felt as though I learned a lot about myself and was able to purge a lot of stress by writing there, I no long felt ‘safe’ expressing myself there.

The choice I was faced with was to not write about and express my struggles or find a new home for my ’emotional work’. This is that ‘new home’. I hope you’ll share your thoughts, experiences and struggles with me, because I truly believe we learn from one another and grow as a result of what we learn.