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When I was doing research on what healing means, how different people interpret healing I also came across a lot of suggestions for facilitating healing. After reading them, I realized that I had been using some of the techniques myself for some time now.

One of the things suggested was aroma therapy. Incense, potpourri, scented candles, herbs, can all create a more soothing environment. Following is a list of aromatic oils (scents) that can be used to assist in ‘healing’ as recommended by the website Stress and Relaxation:

  • Basil: It is useful during periods of stress, insomnia and mild stress. Promotes mental clarity, concentration and increases enthusiasm. Should not be used during pregnancy.
  • Cardamon: Useful during mental stress, burnout and state of confusion. Cardamon oil helps in gaining clarity, concentration and enhances sense of motivation.
  • Chamomile Roman: When you are beset by stress, anxiety, tension and worries then this is the oil that will bring you feelings of relaxation and stability.
  • Cinnamon: Useful aromatic oil for relief from stress and tension. It invigorates and helps in promoting a sense of positivity.
  • Frankincense: Useful for curing stress, anxiety, confusion and sense of panic. Apart from making you relaxed it fills one with inspiration.
  • Ginger: Make use of this aromatic oil for burnout, anxiety and fatigue. It also helps in enhancing the sense of confidence.
  • Lavender oils: Very popular amongst oils used in aromatherapy for stress relief. Helps in countering feelings of stress, anxiety, confusion, fatigue, restlessness and mental agitation. It helps in restoring a sense of balance, fills one with the feeling of rejuvenation and helps bringing about clarity in thinking.
  • Rose: Useful in getting temporary relief from stress, tension and headache.
  • Sandalwood: It helps in relieving mental tension and anxiety.
  • Vetiver: Helps in counteracting mental fatigue, exhaustion and lack of purpose. Vetiver fosters sense of calmness.
  • Ylang Ylang: This aromatic oil helps during periods of stress, anxiety and frustration, and helps in restoring feelings of calm and relaxation.

I have always enjoyed and utilized ‘warm’ fragrances, cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin spice, eucalyptus. I enjoyed the aromas because they reminded me of Autumn, my favorite time of year, and they bring back good, positive memories from childhood of foods and times that were comforting.

Another suggestion was Meditation. There are a number of different ways to and types of Meditation. I was taught a relaxation meditation 2 decades ago that I still use. I was instructed to lie down, to have the room quiet, to take some deep breaths and to focus first on my toes and relaxing them, to then focus on my whole foot, relaxing them both, then my ankles, etc., working my way up the body until I was conscious of relaxing all the muscles and joints. Really giving my body the attention it deserves. I was shocked to discover that what I thought was stretching out and relaxing was still a very tense state for my body.

I was provided also with a visualization for meditation… using a soft instrumental piece of music, sitting in a quiet space where I could be undisturbed, I was to visualize sitting in a field of beautiful flowers, on a sunny day, perhaps near a tree or on a hill. I was directed to notice the sky, clouds, the flowers, etc. In the distance I see a little girl. She’s walking through the flowers, her head hanging down, hair dancing on the breeze. As she comes closer to me, I can tell she’s crying. I was instructed to imagine opening my arms and drawing her close, cradling her on my lap, silently rocking her, giving her comfort, speaking soothing things to her.

This was a method suggested for healing the ‘inner child’, nurturing your inner child, comforting the child inside. Learning to love and care for oneself.

There are many types of Meditations. A wonderful website that helps teach this healing aid is “Learning Meditation“.

The method I have used the most, that I found during my research, is the use of nature music. I greatly enjoy instrumental music, classical, new age, anything soft, whimsical, accompanied by the sounds of nature. I’ve found that for me, the most calming, stress reducing music is that of stringed instruments, guitar, violin, cello. I enjoy the vibrations, the deep, rich tones, particularly when combined with the sound of a babbling brook, a gentle rain shower, the howl of a distant wolf, the soft chirping of song birds.

Some of my favorites include Dan Gibson’s Solitudes, Forest Cello, Sacred Journey by Billy Whitefox, The Healing Garden – Relaxation, and The Healing Garden – Sensuality. There are a number of others.

I like to have this type of music as a backdrop while doing housework, crafting, ‘walking’ with my dog, weeding in my yard, etc. I find it relaxing and that it promotes a more positive frame of mind, inspires reflection.

There is a great website that a friend just shared with me, where you can customize relaxing music and sounds to suit your individual preferences. “Sound Sleeping” is a free website great for creating soothing sounds to help ease your mood, relieve your stress and allow you to relax.

I have been practicing a combination of two of the more highly recommended tools for healing, spending time outdoors enjoying nature and investing time in an enjoyable hobby. I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, always enjoyed spending time outdoors, but when my physical disabilities overwhelmed me and depression set in I took to staying indoors more and more, I let go of some of the activities that I had enjoyed.

I’ve noticed a positive improvement in my attitude and mood since taking daily ‘walks’ with my dog and carrying my digital camera with me. I’ve developed a great appreciation of nature, the little things we tend to overlook and I find it interesting and challenging to photograph wildlife and nature subjects, come home and research them. I’ve begun to see things in a completely different way, past the obvious, looking more closely at the detail and I’ve found that I’m applying this heightened awareness to reflecting on my own feelings and emotions, how I respond to various situations, thinking more deeply about how I let my emotions be affected by external influences.

Personally, I’ve also found that time spent with my Siberian Husky, Kodiak, is healing. I am able to discover things about the world around me that I have taken for granted or completely overlooked, looking at the world through his eyes and his exploration. I’ve used him as a guide, watching him commune with nature, enjoy the scents and sounds on an afternoon breeze, stopping to take the time to watch a flock of Canada Geese fly overhead, etc.

There are many methods attributed to helping one with the healing process. These are the methods I’ve used throughout the years that have been the most beneficial for me. I hope that perhaps by sharing them, someone else will discover a new tool that will help them with their ‘recovery’ and ‘healing’.