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I woke up this morning with intense pain across the small of my back, my pelvis. I had trouble just sitting up on the edge of the bed. When I stood up and straightened up, the pain was so intense I thought I would be sick. I had to have help using the bathroom. Dressing was difficult.

I’m fairly sure that the couple of times I’ve recently sat out on the grass in the yard contributed to this pain, as well as the pain using my power chair has been causing me, as the bracket that holds my leg rests broke and I’ve been waiting more than a week to have it repaired.

Walking my dog with my chair has been an uncomfortable experience. Without my leg rests I have to use the foot rest to keep myself in my seat. While trying to keep myself from sliding off my seat I’m also trying to keep the ‘pooper scooper’ secure between my feet. Needless to say, for the duration of our walks for the past week I’ve been sitting in a somewhat stiff position, muscles tense, trying to maintain my seat.

I think it all just caught up with me.

Every time I experience this kind of intense nerve related pain (my sciatic nerve root is damaged) I think of the saying, “no pain, no gain” and how many people toss that phrase around. Thinking about it, I wonder if there is any ‘gain’ from this pain?

Do we learn something from pain? What does suffering teach us? Does it have a purpose, besides signalling us that we need to pay attention to our bodies, that something is not quite right?

I’m really kind of disappointed that I may not be able to physically sit in the grass with “Kodi” any longer, or at least, not as often. This got me wondering…

How do you deal with pain? Is there anything you’ve learned about yourself as a result of living with pain?