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For crying out loud, people, life is NOT a competitive sport!

I’m so sick to death of hearing people comparing themselves with me or other people and then whining that they feel inadequate, belittled, ‘less than’ or worthless. Get your shit together!

Everyone has struggled or is struggling in one way, shape, form or another. Everyone has known loss whether it be of a loved one, a home, a job, etc. Everyone has felt insecure and experienced self-doubt. Everyone understands, to some degree, what it means to experience physical and/or emotional pain and suffering. Everyone has experienced deep sorrow and feelings of hopelessness. Everyone has faced adversity.

It’s just that some folks don’t broadcast every set-back, obstacle or challenge. Everyone has been knocked down and had to pick themselves back up many more times than they’d like to admit and we’ve all hit our own personal ‘rock-bottom’ at one point or another in our lives.

Find what it is that you do well, that you enjoy doing and focus on that. Develop your own skills, set some goals and strive to reach them.

People spend too much time comparing themselves with everyone around them, rather than improving themselves. They do nothing to work on themselves, but complain that others “think” they are better than they are, when in reality it is the person doing the comparing that thinks the other is ‘better than’ they are, that person you’re comparing yourself with likely hasn’t given you a second thought in the way you’ve imagined.

Each of us is responsible only for our own life. We are responsible for how we use our life, what we do with our time here on earth. It serves no one when we compare ourselves to others.

Each of us has different experiences, different skills, comes from a different living environment, different parenting. Each of us has a ‘unique’ story. Each of us have taken a different path during our journey through life. It is not only unfair to yourself to compare your outcomes, but unfair to the person you’re ‘competing’ with.

I’m tired of hearing people say… “you are so good at that, I’m not even going to try, there’s no way I can do that like you do.” Get Real! Please! You are only as capable as the amount of effort you’re willing to exert to reach your goals. You are only able to be you, you shouldn’t be trying to be me or anyone else, just do the best you can do.

The only person I compete with is me. I look at what I did yesterday or last week and try to improve upon that accomplishment. I’m always trying to improve myself. I’m the only person I can change.

Stop projecting your own feelings about yourself onto others. Stop blaming other people for your shortcomings… if you think you’re lacking, then do something about it. For crying out loud, grow up and take responsibility for your own issues.