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Thanksgiving is 11 days from now, and Christmas is 44 days away. Already I’ve heard people talking about “the war on Christmas”, professing to “keep Christ in Christmas.” One of my friends recently said “I will never apologize for being a Christian!”

I have never understood what folks are talking about when they say these kinds of things.

Christmas has come to mean many things to many people. Stories of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, the decorating of pine trees, mistletoe, etc. have broadened the experience that is “Christmas” beyond the Christian meaning of Christmas. In fact, Christians partake in and have adopted Pagan practices at Christmas time.

I don’t understand how anyone can take “Christ” out of “Christmas” for someone else. It’s not possible.

Christianity, as with all other religions, is ‘faith-based’, it exists inside you, as a belief, therefore if your faith is strong, no one can take that belief from you, no one can alter it or threaten it.

Whether someone else celebrates Christmas, but is not a Christian, doesn’t lessen the meaning of Christmas for Christians. Whether someone chooses to greet others with “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” doesn’t diminish the Christian experience of Christmas.

As for apologizing for being Christian… I have never heard anyone ask someone to apologize for being Christian, what I have heard people ask is for ‘tolerance’, ‘respect’ and ‘consideration’ for the beliefs and traditions of others.

I wish Christians would spend more time practicing being ‘Christ-like’ at Christmas time, rather than complaining that others are taking Christ out of Christmas. They fail to understand that they are not doing Christianity any favors by being so intolerant.

Each of us enjoy the ‘holiday season’ in different ways, our families have different traditions and customs, different belief systems. Why can’t we all just enjoy this time of year without trying to take ‘ownership’ of it, without trying to force others to believe, practice what we do?