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The end of 2012 brought an end to a great deal of stress and frustration. A welcome end!

I ended agency services for my son, hired a long-time family friend as my son’s Habilitation Aide using the  ‘Person Directed Services’ (PDS) method of managing his services myself, rather than entrusting his services to an agency that’s more concerned with profit and management’s egos than the well-being of the individuals.

He’s been incredibly happy since this change. I’ve been in contact with the hospital where he was volunteering and have arranged for him to continue with his hab-aide as community integration. He’s also quite happy about this change too.

I’ve also made a couple of personal changes. I’ve decided that I need some time away from Facebook and when I return to it, I’m going to be deleting a lot of people from my friend list. There are some folks there who do nothing with Facebook except seek attention, posting drama and nonsense daily. They will no longer be part of my Facebook experience. I’ve also noticed that there are people on my friend list who never interact with me in any way, they are ‘lurking’ and I can’t help but think they either are snooping or added me to increase their friend count (collecting friend’s).

I was relieved to see recently that a person on my list removed herself and left my support group as well. I have wanted to remove them for a while, but was uncomfortable because of the support group. They never participated in any way, so I’m glad they removed themselves.

My purpose in joining Facebook had been to keep in touch with some friends who live in other states. I’ve used it as a social outlet, seeing as how I have difficulty getting out, in public. I would like to limit my Facebook exposure to just that, keeping in touch with friends who are interested in corresponding.

I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas, from my husband, and have been reading since December 26. I had been increasingly experiencing difficulty reading books. My hands would hurt just holding the book, as a result of my arthritis and my eyes would ache and burn, as text appeared to have ‘ghosts’  around it. A friend let me try her Kindle for reading and I was shocked at how many pages I was able to read without irritation or difficulty. Kindle Fire lets me change the page background color which eliminated the ghosting of text, and it lets me enlarge the text as well as change the font style to something more comfortable for me to read. I have read two novels, a short story and the preview of another book in one week. That is a great accomplishment for me. I’m already two thirds of the way through a third novel. I’m greatly enjoying reading.

I’ m looking forward to sitting outside, in the backyard, this Spring and Summer, reading.

This new year is going to be a good one. I’m making a definitive statement, yes, as I’m determined not to allow the level of stress and frustration we were experiencing to occur again.

I hope everyone has a great new year. I hope everyone is able to create more happiness and find more peace.