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I should not have to say what I’m about to say, but I feel compelled.

If you look at my public profile you’ll see the following:

And so I write this blog for my own peace of mind, as a personal exploration and to gain understanding of myself and the choices I’ve made throughout my life, how they have influenced who I am and what path I travel. I write this blog as a coping strategy, to express my fears and anxieties, to examine my role in relation to the roles others play in my life and to work through my struggles, depression and doubts, to express the feelings (good, bad or indifferent) that I would choose not to share with others directly.

On my blog you will not find my identity, the name of the town in which I live, the names of the people in my life or the names of organizations, etc. There is a reason for that. My writing is about the feelings I have regarding different situations and events in my life, it is about how I see and interpret things, how things make me feel, about the struggles and challenges of every day and how I cope.

My blog is about emotions, expressing them, analyzing them, reflecting on them, working through them and trying to figure out strategies that will help me cope better in the future.

My blog contains my point of view, my perspective, what I feel about a variety of situations and events I’ve encountered in life. I do not claim to know what’s in someone else’s head, though I may speculate, consider different motivations, so that I can try to better understand the dynamics of a given situation.

Journaling, venting, writing things down in black and white (so I can come back to them at another time, out of the heat of the moment, to analyze them), seeking support from others who understand and share similar struggles are all coping strategies I was taught, to deal with the abuse of my childhood and having become disabled.

Reading similar writing from others online has been a great help to me, reassured me that I’m not alone in my experiences and given me additional resources for dealing with life. I’ve had the incredible honor of learning that something I’ve written helped or touched someone who was struggling too.

I’m a very emotional person, I feel everything deeply. I know that I need to release those feelings, to reduce my stress, to be emotionally healthy, but I don’t want to burden family and friends with it, so I write here.

I wanted to thank all the people who have subscribed to my blog, or are following it. I appreciate comments and “likes”, as you help me to know I’m on the right track as I try to work things out.

I also feel the need to state the obvious, if you think my blog is too negative, if you don’t care for my perspective, if you’re uncomfortable reading about emotional or personal issues, then by all means don’t visit my blog. You have the option of reading or not. Don’t seek it out then leave abusive or threatening comments, just go away.

WordPress allows comments to be moderated, screen names, as well as email and IP addresses (which accompany each comment) to be blocked.

Thanks, again, to everyone who follows my blog. Just knowing you’re there, taking this ride with me, is uplifting and I’m reassured that I’m not making this journey alone.