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I’m feeling great, feeling honored… I’ve been asked to be the parent representative for my county on a parent panel at a huge 3 day event being hosted by a number of human service organizations. They’ve asked me to create the invitations to be sent to County Commissioners and local Representatives for the event. I’ve also been asked to assist in the establishment of a new chapter of a statewide agency, here in my state.

I greatly enjoyed my experience as a professional disability rights advocate, focusing on special education advocacy. Even though I have not had that position for 7.5 years, I have continued to help parents throughout that time, as a peer supporter and mentor.

The folks who are initiating the establishment of a this new chapter have suggested the possibility that it would take in my parent support group as a “project”, so that my group would have 501(c)(3) status under this new chapter and have funding available to it.

I’ve also been asked to sign a release so that I could be included in my support group’s sponsor’s newsletter.

There are times when it seems like everything is a struggle, when people try to belittle you and your accomplishments, make you feel “less than”… but then there are times when someone tells you how important you are to them, that they need you and rely on you, that you have something valuable to contribute and suddenly all that struggle seems worthwhile.

I’m excited to participate in something that will be ‘community changing’, as one person described it.