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I was absolutely stunned tonight when someone I thought of as a friend posted a racist picture of President Obama on Facebook. The picture depicted a male chimpanzee and a female chimpanzee dressed in nice clothing, sitting for a portrait, with a small baby chimpanzee sitting on the mother’s lap with the face of the President.

This woman was in my home. She was my Rep. for a home decor product. My bi-racial son was here in the house when she was in my home for a party with my friends.

I asked her if her page got hacked. Her response was that ‘Obama is taking away our freedoms, this is my freedom of speech.’

A year and a half ago an Insurance broker came to my house to help me find an affordable Healthcare supplement. She was on her way to another location, so her husband accompanied her to my home. He stood in the living room with my husband, while she and I sat at my kitchen table.

Three times her husband used the “n” word. There were pictures of my son on the mantle, which he was facing as he was speaking.

Tonight, all I can think about is, what would their bosses think, would they care, if they knew someone who openly held or condoned such beliefs was representing their product or business? I wonder how many people they don’t serve because of their racist beliefs?

Again, I’m reminded that I have to be more aware of who I’m allowing into my life.