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Yesterday a friend who is working as an aide for my son came into the house and screamed out, “Oh my God, a dead rat!”, looking at the floor inside the front door. She said it more than once, dancing around the living room near the door.

My son said, “That’s a cat toy” and just grinned, as she was carrying on. It was, in fact, a leopard print catnip mouse, one you can open and fill with catnip. There were actually two of those catnip mice in the living room, they have been on the floor in the living room and kitchen continuously since before Christmas.

To be honest, I was offended. I asked her, “So do you think my house is so filthy and I’m such a bad housekeeper that I would be sitting here in the living room with a dead rat on the floor?” She said no, she didn’t think anything about the cleanliness of my house, but thought one of the cats had killed something and brought it into the house. That wasn’t very reassuring, I can tell you.

I reminded her that my cats are indoor cats and never go outside and that my dog only goes outside with me. I also asked her how many times she had seen rats with leopard print fur.

Today when she came in she saw the wallpaper on my computer and made numerous faces and negative comments.

I’ve written before about my Godson and best friend coming into the house and feeling the need to comment on how I arrange my furniture, that I have rearranged my furniture, how I decorate my home, when I put up my holiday decorations, what’s on the television, etc.

I’m really very put off by this sort of behavior, as I would never think of going into someone’s house and offering unsolicited negative commentary on their things, their choice of furnishings, how they’ve decorated their home, etc.

I’d like to understand what it is about me, what I’m doing or saying that gives the impression that this sort of criticism is welcome. Everything about my life isn’t up for critique, being accepted into my life doesn’t give anyone a license to dictate how I live my life.

Boundaries! I need to figure out how to establish some boundaries to prevent this from happening in the future.