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About 15 years ago I purchased my first cassette tape of Native American Flute music. I loved it, as it combined flute, rattles and drums with nature sounds. It was so soothing. I then purchased a CD of Native American flute music called Sacred Journey by Billy Whitefox. I liked listening to it with the volume low when I had a Migraine and needed to lie down for a bit.

Recently, my stress level seems to be climbing, even though I’m trying to be more aware of what’s stressing me out, doing a lot of self-talk. I hadn’t played my Native American music for quite a while and suddenly felt something pulling me toward it.

I took my MP3 player out into the backyard with me when I took Kodi out, took my shoes off, put my toes in the grass, closed my eyes and leaned back on the bench, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the breeze and “plugged in.”

I truly felt a transformation… I felt my shoulders relax, my mind clear, I was taking deeper breaths, and I just felt at peace.

I’m trying to be more aware of connecting to nature, clearing my mind. I’m finding that I am having an easier time falling asleep if I listen to my flute music. I’m feeling more centered.

I’m not suggesting that Native American Flute music has magically made everything better, but I’m definitely enjoying my time out in the sunshine with Kodi even more than before. There’s something soothing and comforting about this music, for me.

Anything that can help provide a more ‘positive spirit’ is always welcome. Sometimes going back to something you’d forgotten can bring about a renewal.