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There’s been a lot going on in my world lately.

The aide I wrote about previously decided to quit, effective immediately, via a private message on Facebook on a weekend. This meant I had to notify the agency we work with, the county worker who manages our waiver funding for my son’s services and I had to put a hold on my son’s volunteer position until I can get a new aide in place.

I was able to introduce my son to a potential candidate to see how they got along, by having her over for lunch with us. They hit it off. She doesn’t have any time restrictions, so she’s available for the full 5 hours a day, two days a week. She has a history working with a local organization that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

She came over and completed her “new hire packet”, we copied all her identification and took her picture for her name badge. We are hoping to start her next week. They won’t be going to the volunteer position yet, because she has to have a two-stage TB test and orientation, but we can start the community integration outcomes in the meantime.

I have another individual coming to meet my son tomorrow, then we’ll talk to see if he’d like her to be his ‘back-up aide’, so we don’t have to worry about call-offs, like we did this last aide.

Hubby’s employer shut down for a week (an annual practice for Labor Day to complete maintenance) and we got a lot of projects around the house taken care of that we’d been wanting to do for quite a while. We finished up landscaping in the front yard, with only one more project we’ve slated for next Spring left to do. We installed wooden lattice around the deck to finish it off and make it look cleaner. Hubby and I made a small decorative lamppost for on the front porch, with a bracket for hanging a small garden flag. We used a solar light and I decorated it with a silk Autumn leaf garland. We also put a large solar lamppost in the front yard with our house numbers on it, to make it easier to see from the street and make the front of the house more welcoming.

The first weekend of September, we decorated the interior and exterior of the house with silk Autumn leaf garlands and around the front door we strung Autumn lights. I’ve decided to tone down the decorating outside this year, as corn shocks, pumpkins, straw bales and mums can really add up to a big hit on the wallet. I’ve spent a good deal of time baking this past two weeks. It’s been really nice.

We plan to put a fence up around our backyard later this month or in early October, so Kodiak can run and play without the risk of him running away, getting hit by a car, or stray dogs attacking him in his own backyard.

I resigned from the non-profit board I’d been asked to Chair because I was concerned about the, in my opinion, unethical way the organization was being established, as the person who had initiated the project wanted to cut corners, was resistant to following the law, wasn’t being completely honest with people who are involved.

My husband informed me, while he was home last week, that our Godson has made some comments to him that lead him to believe he’s going to show up on our doorstep at some point and want to “talk” about the incident that occurred more than a year and a half ago that led him to walking away and not speaking to me since then. My husband said that our Godson has been getting a lot of negative feedback from co-workers about his attitude and the way he treats people and my husband thinks he’s finally starting to see that he was wrong and not only perpetuated the split between us, but caused it.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. I was, and to some degree still am, terribly hurt by what he did, because I had invested 23 years of my life in caring for him and being supportive and encouraging of him only to be thrown away as if I had no value. Our life has been much less complicated, less stressful since he removed himself from it. Mind you, he continued to have a relationship with my husband at work, he just wouldn’t speak to me or apologize for how he’d treated me.

I’m hesitant because I’m afraid if I open up to him again, if I let him in again, that he’s just going to hurt me again. I know my son doesn’t want him to come back to the house. He doesn’t like him, knows my Godson didn’t treat me right, but he also never really treated my son right either, sort of competing with him for my attention and ignoring him when it came to group activities.

So, this is what’s going on, right now.