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IMG_8668After 6 weeks of restricted activity (explained in the blog “Husky Recovery”) we started to introduce a little more activity. We didn’t see any improvement in his hind leg.

We’d done 2 rounds of anti-inflammatory and pain medications with no change.

We went to our regular Veterinarian at 8 weeks, post initial diagnosis, for annual physical and vaccinations. She examined his x-rays and told us that contrary to what the previous Vet (the 2nd opinion we’d received) said, there was a slight sign of some arthritis in Kodi’s right hip. She indicated that his injury most likely was not a partial tear to the ACL, since there had been no improvement. She speculated that it could be a pinched nerve, a pulled muscle or even perhaps a piece of tissue caught in the joint. She suggested that any of those possibilities could require many months of recovery and resolve themselves in time.

She noted that since he’s not expressing discomfort or pain, since he “walks it off” in a few steps after standing from a resting position and doesn’t favor the leg when playing, that we should treat it like arthritis. She suggested always “warming him up” with a light walk before more energetic play in the backyard. She told us to keep an eye on him and if he seems to be experiencing discomfort or shows signs of pain we should call and she’d prescribe another anti-inflammatory to see if that gives him some relief.

Kodi is walking every day and playing in the backyard once again. He has days when he has hardly any noticeable limp at all and is very energetic, and then he has days when he seems to limp every time he gets up.

He’s jumping up on the furniture for naps without any trouble and getting in and out of bed well. He seems to not have any noticeable signs of lameness after a good night’s rest on the bed. He doesn’t show a limp when getting off the furniture either. It does only seem to be when lying on a hard/cold surface.

We continue to keep a watchful eye on him, having had experience with canine arthritis with our last Husky. Kodiak will celebrate his 6th birthday on December 16.