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Four years ago a new neighbor moved in at the other end of the alley that runs along side our backyard. My husband and I were out walking Kodi and we met the man who’d moved in. He was very nice, pleasant to speak with. Over the course of the next three years we saw him about once a month or so outside his home and spoke with him.

Last year we finally got to meet his wife. We had never crossed paths in the past. Her name is Brooke. Since then, I’ve seen her waiting at a nearby bus stop and she’s spoken to Kodi and wanted to pet him.

Today, as we were finishing up our walk she was coming out to get into her car. I said “Good Morning” and she asked again if she could pet Kodi. We talked for about an hour.

She asked me if she could “open Kodi’s heart chakra” and explained that she’s a transformation message therapist. (She works with people who have chronic pain, PTSD, etc.) We had talked about how frightened Kodi has been when we’re out walking and she thought she could help him release some of his fear. I didn’t see anything wrong with giving it a try.

When she’d finished, Kodi laid down next to my chair, relaxed, though before that he’d been dancing about nervously every time a car passed by us.

She said she hoped I didn’t mind her saying so, but she could sense I’m very sensitive and empathetic. She said, “you take things personally and get hurt a lot, absorbing the pain of others.” She asked if she could do the same for me. I told her that would be fine, I’m opened to most anything within reason.

It was strange, when she finished, I felt like I’d taken a deep cleansing breath of fresh air. She said she felt the release of tension.

We talked for a while and it seems we have a very similar view about life. She’s been a vegetarian, as I have been (in the past), she believes all things are connected and dependent on one another, as I do. She is also highly sensitive and empathetic, she feels the pain of others and also believes that we have to live by example.

She offered me her phone number and I provided her with mine. She said she wanted to come over and get to know one another better. I told her we’ve been out in the backyard a lot this year now that we’ve fenced in the yard. She said she’d like that.

I’m looking forward to getting to know her.

I’ve been struggling lately with not really having a close friend that shares my view of life, who will understand where I’m coming from, someone I can have meaningful discussions with. Yes, my husband is my best friend, but when he’s working I spend a lot of time alone wishing I had someone to talk to. Yes, I have a friend whom I’ve known for the last 37 years, but our paths are increasingly moving in different directions, leaving us with little in common and even less we can talk about.

Perhaps Brooke and I will share a part of our journey for a time.