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As a follow up to “I Can’t, I Can’t, I Can’t”…

It seems that my friend has finally gone and done it. She’s brought on a serious medical condition, as a result of her nonsense.

She’s not been feeling well, light headed, dizzy, extremely tired, had pain in her back and side, was not able to urinate normally, etc. A lot of people apparently recommended seeing her doctor. She ended up in the ER. After a variety of tests, they made a diagnosis.

She’s suffering from “Renal Insufficiency” and chronic Anemia. Her kidneys are in the early stages of failure, of shutting down. Her ridiculous nonsense about not being able to drink more than a few sips during the day, of not caring for drinking water, has caused her kidneys to stop working correctly. She was diagnosed with anemia more than a year ago and it was recommended that she get iron tablets and take them daily, which she did for a short period of time, but then stopped, for reasons unknown to me.

She told me that she asked the ER doctor if her job could effect her body in such a way as to have caused this. She asked the doctor if certain responsibilities within her job could have caused this. She was immediately looking for a correlation between her job and the diagnosis, so she could justify not working. It turns out, her diabetes going unregulated is likely one cause, her sudden refusal to drink fluids was certainly a contributor.

The ER doctor wanted to keep her overnight. I suspect he would have administered IV fluids, but she refused. She told me she hollered at him, told him it was too much to throw at someone and expect them to digest it, but she had enough clarity of thought to ask if it could get her out of work.

He sent her home with a very specific diet plan and eating instructions. He directed her to drink, drink, drink lots of water and to get back on her iron tablets. He scheduled an ultrasound of her kidneys in 2 weeks and allowed her to go home. He wanted her to see her regular physician. He took one of her blood pressure medications from her and informed her that the drug she is currently taking for her diabetes is not the right one for her and it must be changed.

She texted me saying “I don’t know if I can beat this, or if it will beat me.”

When I pointed out to her that she should look at everything her parents have faced in recent years and how they followed their doctors’ directions and have come through with flying colors. Surely, she can drink some water, take some iron pills, change her diet and get through this.

I suggested that if she weren’t so tired and worn out, maybe she could get her apartment organized, get her new furniture she wants, get things cleaned up and she could enjoy things more. Maybe if she could get her diabetes under control, feel more energized, maybe she’d not mind her job so much, have a different outlook on things.

Her response? “Once I get straightened out, I won’t have a good excuse anymore.”

That one sentence told the whole story.