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I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to doing a deep spring cleaning. It feels like we’re accumulating a lot of clutter. The kitchen cabinets are booby-traps, when you open the doors everything comes spilling out, sometimes you don’t even have to open the doors, things fall and open the doors toppling to the floor. There’s less and less space for organizing, storing things that we do need and use.

I sat down last night and typed up a ‘to-do’ check list of things I would like to accomplish by the time Spring rolls around. My list is 5 pages long. It includes some things outside the house when weather warms and dries up a bit.

One of the main things I want to do besides a deep cleaning of everything is to sort and organize everything. I want to donate some unused, unneeded things, particularly kitchen items. I have a lot of glassware we don’t use, coffee mugs, silverware, cooking utensils, storage containers, etc.

I’m hoping to begin to work on this list, doing at least one thing a day, as I feel up to it. I’m really feeling the need to clear things out, to reduce.

There are also some maintenance things that need to be taken care of outside the house, some painting, scrubbing.

We’re putting in a second garden bed this Spring, focusing on minimizing our grocery spending and putting up a clothesline so we can reduce our utility bills. It just feels like it’s time to make some adjustments. Time to get back to some basics that we’ve lost for a while.